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This website presents the projects that MSc students have carried out as a part of the Learn-Apply-Communicate (LAC) course which is part of IIIEE's MSc programme in Environmental Management and Policy.


Through their LAC Projects, MSc students have the opportunity to apply the information, theories and knowledge gained in the various courses of the Introductory Block of the Master programme to a real-life environmental problem by taking a multidisciplinary approach.


The IIIEE, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, is engaged since 1994 in multidisciplinary research activities with the overall ambition to develop strategies and policies for further systems of production and consumption that support sustainable development. IIIEE is part of Lund University and educates through MSc and PhD programmes.


For general questions regarding the EMP programme, LAC course or the LAC conference, please contact Lars Strupeit, coordinator of the online distance education (ODE) block of the IIIEE MSc programme in Environmental Management and Policy.

e-mail:  lars.strupeit@iiiee.lu.se

phone: +46 46 222 02 19